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Privacy policy

Regarding handling of personal information:

Umeda Koi Farm (hereafter "The Company"), while providing services relating to the breeding and sale of koi, handles various information, including personal information.
The Company observes the national laws, regulations and guidelines concerning the handling of personal information, and in recognition of the societal importance of personal information protection, The Company has set its own "Personal Information Protection Guidelines" and has initiated the following approach.

Appropriate handling of personal information will be carried out, personal information will be protected, and we will work through continuous improvement.
  1. A chief administrator for personal information shall be appointed, and carry out appropriate administration.
  2. Personal information will be gathered using appropriate procedure only as necessary for business, and when gathering that information the purpose of gathering and using that information will be made clear to the customer.
  3. Other than when compelled by law to do so, personal information not be used beyond the purpose agreed at the time it was gathered, nor offered to a third party, nor disclosed etc.
  4. Regulations will be prepared and reasonable safety measures will be put in place to remedy any unauthorised access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal information.
  5. We will confirm the details of the consents given by the client regarding purpose and scope of use before handling personal information included in assignments referred to us. Also, in the event of referring assignments that have personal information to another party, appropriate contracts and instructions will be put in place.
  6. If a customer wishes to complain or discuss the release, amend, add or delete personal information, or suspend its use, or suspend its provision to third parties, action will be taken as quickly as can be reasonably achieved after getting in touch with The Company.